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I have worked with Erica Thorne from BeMyExecVA for the past year. Erica is truly phenomenal — efficient, proactive, and a total pleasure to work with. She has taken hours of scheduling off of my plate, coordinated a cross-country move, and negotiated great deals on my behalf. I trust her completely to take on any task — big or small, for work or my personal life. Cannot recommend Erica and BeMyExecVA enough.

Dakota - Executive Director

San Francisco, CA

My companies have been Megan's clients for over five years. During that time, she has been an indispensable part of our team: helping us manage our work, engage with our customers, deliver our services, and stay on top of nearly everything. If you're overwhelmed and wish you could find a genie to magically conjure hundreds of hours so you could work on what matters most, Megan and her company should be your first call. 

Matt - Founder

St. Louis, MO


Megan Ford has been instrumental to the success of not only my businesses but also my personal life as well. I put my complete trust in her, and she has completed every task I’ve given her. From researching business vendors to archiving critical business documents, Megan has become a reliable part of daily productivity.

We have worked together since February of 2014, and she is able to deliver results quickly and completely. She’s done tons of research for me, booked contractors for both work and home, and bought merchandise and services on my behalf.

As a busy business owner of several retail stores in the Houston area and a married man, I am guilty of leaving tasks by the wayside. With Megan’s help, I can focus on other things in my business.

Theo - Business Owner

Houston, TX

​Megan is simply the best. I've had nearly a dozen exec assistants, most of them full-time and in-person, and she out performs them as a virtual assistant. She's always on top of things and moving in a proactive manner to fix problems. Its very impressive.

Jason - President & CEO

Sunnyvale, CA

It’s rare that you come across someone like Megan, who is both ridiculously efficient and task-oriented, but also great with people.  I had the pleasure of working with Megan for more than two years at Filament LLC, where she expertly filled the role of support coordinator for our team as an outside contractor.  Of COURSE she is smart, talented, organized, and wonderful to work with. However, the thing that stood out most was how insanely fast she could turn around research requests, find information I couldn’t, and just follow up and follow through on tasks with relentless tenacity until they were complete.  That might not sound fun, but Megan was incredibly personable and enjoyable to work with.  Given that she worked remotely, you could always hear a smile and a laugh through the phone.  Megan was such a standout and integral part of our team that we regularly joked with her about what it might take to get her to abandon her life in sunny Florida to move to where we were located!  Megan would be an asset to any team, small or large, old or new.  It was my pleasure to work with her and it’s my pleasure to recommend her.

Bijal - Co-Founder and COO

St. Louis, MO

Megan is a dependable professional with a special gift for automating tasks. She creates systems out of chaos and isn’t afraid to dive right in and tackle the work. I value her drive to constantly improve workflows and bring about further efficiency.  I really love working with her!

Jennifer - Founder

Florence, AZ


Megan Ford’s expert assistance made my job as the Events Coordinator so much easier. She was impressively detail-oriented, organized, efficient, and a great communicator whose impeccable research, document preparation, file maintenance, and accurate record keeping enabled our whole team to stay organized and work better together. As a new employee, she taught me how to do my job better by showing me how to harness the extensive organizational features of the Google suite and Basecamp 3. When we first started working with Megan, we would ask for her help without providing sufficient background information and setting clear expectations. Before coming to us with questions, she would do as much research as possible using our Google Drive and emails to avoid unnecessary back and forth. This self-sufficiency was crucial to succeeding as an assistant at such a fast-paced start-up. When this lack of clarity began to impinge on Megan’s productivity, she sent us an email with suggestions on creating a more productive working style including a request that I and other colleagues send her tasks in a templated-out email format.  Although this took some adjusting to, ultimately her request made us think through our big-picture goals, how we might best turn them into actionable items, and how we might best allocate Megan’s time wisely, resulting in much more efficient collaboration.  In conclusion, the only thing that could have improved my experience with Megan would have been her physical presence in the office! It was an absolute pleasure working with her.

Charlotte - Events Coordinator

St. Louis, MO

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